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MSK PCB is a one-stop EMS supplier integrating PCB design, PCB manufacturing, Component sourcing and PCB assembly.

R&D Capability

MSK PCB has professional engineering designers and experienced development engineers. With many years of R&D experience in the fields of circuit design and electronic product development, we can efficiently complete design projects according to customer’s needs.

After 17 years of growth, MSK PCB has not only attracted many outstanding R&D engineers in the industry, but also constantly updated production equipment and developed new production processes. Meanwhile, with three bases, Shenzhen Xili Headquarters, Shenzhen Songgang Factory, and Dongguan Houjie Factory, MSK is endowed with capabilities to support customers from PCB design, PCB manufacturing to PCB assembly.

Maximum signal processing rate: 56Gbps Differential signal Designing for Board Level EMC
Maximum Layer: 32L CE、FCC Certification
Minimum BGA pitch: 0.4mm RF Design and analysis
Minimum Trace Width/Space: 2.5/2.5mil HDI Design
Minimum Hole Dimension: 3mil
Maximum Number of Connection: 50000 DFX Design: DFM、DFA、DFT、DFC
Maximum pin quantity: 60000 FPC Design:20L Rigid-flex PCB
Maximum number of BGA: 45 Signal integrity design
Maximum number of BGA Chip pins: 4094 Power integrity design

Design field

Wireless Products GPS, Base Station, Network Optimization, Wi-Fi Module, Microwave System
Multimedia Products Set-top box、VOIP、Meeting TV,Video capture equipment, etc.
PC and related MB、NB、Server motherboards and various industrial control boards, etc.
Consumer Products HD TV, Tablet Computer, Digital Camera, Camcorder, Mobile Phone, etc.
Security Products Video surveillance equipment, walkie-talkies, etc.
Military Industry and Aerospace Black box, radar, remote sensing, telemetry, etc.
Communication Products Routers, switches, wireless terminals, optical networks, gateways, etc.
Medical Equipment Ultrasound, CT, MRI, Monitor, etc.

Success Case